This book was a stretch for me. I normally do not read non-fiction but I went out on a limb on this one and was pleasantly surprised!

Matthew Desmond did an excellent job on the writing and research of this book. The book tells the story of eight families in a constant cycle of being evic9780553447439ted from their homes in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Milwaukee. When these families are evicted (numerous times) they lose most everything they own along with relationships, jobs, food, schools, and neighborhoods. Most of them have no place to go and their hardships continue and escalate a lot of times causing them to give up or seek answers to these issues in drugs, alcohol, and crime.

Desmond suggests one solution is to expand housing voucher programs – a universal housing voucher program. He says the idea is simple. “Every family below a certain income level would be eligible for a housing voucher. They could use that voucher anywhere they wanted, just as families can use food stamps to buy groceries virtually anywhere, as long as their housing was neither too expensive, big, and luxurious nor too shabby and run-down.” Desmond also believes a voucher program would change “the face of poverty in this country”.

While I’m not sure if I agree with the housing voucher program, Desmond has opened my eyes to the struggles faced by American families on a daily basis when it comes to what some of us would simply call our “home”.




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